Appreciation Letters

Appreciation Letters is a grassroots campaign to spread love and encouragement through handwritten letters. The goal is simple: write a one page letter to a friend or family member telling them why you appreciate their presence in your life. Talk about how you met, what they say or do to make you laugh, or how you can be your true self around them and never feel judged.

anatole-broyard-425x425We live in an email world; a place of instant connection that often leaves us disconnected. Opening our mailbox to find a handwritten letter is a rare treasure in our modern culture. I’ve been writing appreciation letters to my friends since January 2015. I attempt to write and mail one appreciation letter per week to someone on my list (and the list tends to grow!).

Here are just a few of the responses I’ve had to the letters I’ve sent out:

“Reading your letter was incredibly profound. Maybe because I could read it and say YES all of this is true about me and not politely wave off the “compliments” and instead let the truth of your words sink into me. Maybe because I don’t always believe any of it, but there it is, in ballpoint pen on regular notebook paper in front of me. Maybe because grace has a way of authenticity that just taps your shoulder instead of wrenching your arm and forcing you to listen when you’re not ready.”

“What do I find in my mail box….a deeply meaningful letter from you! Timing was perfect. 100% agree that handwritten letters carry so much more than emails. Feeling inspired to follow your lead.”

“I just received your letter – wow you really made my day! I was almost speechless reading it but it certainly brought back some great memories. Thank you for taking the time to write the letter, I will cherish it for sure.”

“I just received your letter, and your kind words couldn’t have come on a better day! I’m feeling tired, worn, unsure… And though I’m doubtful I deserve the praise you sent my way, it sure felt wonderful to be washed with your love today!”

“Oh dear dear friend! I love your letter a week idea. Who doesn’t love getting mail? I saw the envelopemail and was so curious and excited that I opened right away. It brought a tear to my eye. I will cherish it always.”

“Thank you for your lovely letter. It meant so much to me, and it came at such an opportune time. Lately a lot of things have been very emotionally draining, so it was so nice to get such affirming encouraging words from you, words that filled up my emotional reservoir!”

Why not join me? Write one appreciation letter to someone important in your life today. See what the response is. Watch your relationships open up a little more with this fresh dose of vulnerability and authenticity.