View More: http://stillsbyjill.pass.us/harveyJulianne Harvey is an author, speaker, background performer and film producer for Still Wonder Films. I also manage my daughter’s acting career and count popcorn and root beer among my favourite things.

I live in South Surrey, BC with my husband and two kids so I can walk by the ocean to feed my soul.

My passion is ignited by growth, encouragement and transformation as I follow my curiosity to the intersection of resilience, minimalism and nurture.

I love to innovate new forms of intentional connection like the Literary Salon.

I believe that turning off my phone to engage with real life is a cultural revolution worth participating in.

Welcome to my online home. Have a look around. Drop me a line to say hello. Pour a cup of coffee or tea and read a bit on growth, spiritual change and parenting.

I’m working on a writing project called Nurture is Valuable. I’d like to interview a variety of women about the role of nurture in their lives, with the goal of raising the profile for the value of nurture in our culture. Please get in touch if you are willing to answer five short interview questions on this subject as part of my research. Thank you!